... it is essential that we empathize and sympathize with the place.

That light reaches the spots we want it to reach and that shadows

do not over-texturize the place where we usually rest our eyes.


Wyndham Grand Hotel

... interdisciplinary concepts and —above all— unfinished ones where the viewer,

or better yet the experiencer, finishes the construction with his or her emotions.



'' The details are not the details. They make the design.''

Lokma Kosuyolu

'' a room is not a room without natural light.''


Nueve Haute Couture 

Every construction evokes interlinings and nervous states,

emotions confer architectural spaces and high and low walls.


Solitude is a sitting room and happiness is a garden.


There is no emotion in us without a place, just as there is no place that does not generate somatic commotions, as mild as they may be.

We believe

that each atmosphere has a different feelings and that it can only be transmitted to the other side by creating original and impressive compositions.

Wyndham Grand Hotel

The Team consists of interior architect and designers,

some of them having more than 10 years of experience in their field. We are working with many local and global architectural firms that have achieved success in Turkey and Worldwide.



Dubai Penthouse

Tasse Coffee Co.

''Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.''


Olive Oil Factory Renovation

Lights and Transparencies

British mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton who established a basic principle which is still accepted today and which provides the key to these visuals: 

Light is color.

Otto Kağıthane

Black presents a symbolic duality.

On the one hand, it is related with the mysterious and even the impure or malign. 

However, it is also synonymous with elegance, nobility and sobriety, as well as power and authority.

Tasse Coffee Co.

'' Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.''


The elegance and simplicity of the two colors reinforce the

minimalist purity of structures, furnitureand decorative elements. 


creates a play of antagonism, of contrast, in any space, where elegance becomes the key ally. Calm, tranquility and harmony are often associated with the color white.